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Individual and team leadership coaching
  • Individual coaching: Lisa works with leaders (managers, senior managers, directors) who are looking to develop their own leadership skills to accelerate their effectiveness and careers. By starting with an assessment tool that’s appropriate for your situation and aligns with your goals, she uses data as a foundation to help you achieve the business and leadership results you need to be successful.
  • Team coaching: Based on the team’s needs, Lisa works with groups that share a common goal to better understand how team members collaborate, communicate, and interact with each other to achieve results and create an environment that enables everyone to be fully engaged in their roles and careers. This is especially critical in times of change and when teams are looking to build (or improve) trust.
  • Executive coaching: With a focus on future possibilities, Lisa’s approach to executive coaching involves helping you establish and achieve a goal that applies to moving both the business and your leadership forward. This service is intended for executives who are looking to be a catalyst for significant change within their organizations while taking their leadership skills to an exemplary level.
Team offsite/strategic planning facilitation

Have a team building or strategic planning session coming up? Rather than take on the facilitation yourself, contact Lisa to facilitate your event from the perspective of an objective third party so you can participate and interact with your team members. She’ll do her best to ensure the session meets your needs and achieves its intended results. Lisa will also work with you to design and develop content for your session aligned with your specific goals.

Workshop facilitation

As part of your leadership development strategy, Lisa offers on-site workshops for the topics of:

Note: To accomplish its intended results and ensure greater application of learning, workshops are priced as part of packages that include various options for follow-up coaching, the assessment tools used, and the facilitation itself. Lisa’s approach to formal learning is not “once and done” or “ad hoc.”

Speaking engagements

Contact Lisa when looking for keynote and session speakers on the topics of:

  • Conflict management for the conflict-avoidant
  • Developing formal internal leadership programs
  • Effective team communication
  • Leading change within organizations
  • Leadership development strategy
  • Leadership skills for technical experts
  • Use of type and workplace styles for greater productivity
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