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Books by Lisa Downs

Listening Skills Training

Learning how to listen well is key to success in business and life. This title offers ½-day; full-day, and 2-day workshops that focus on helping facilitators define the elements of effective listening—self awareness, attentiveness, paraphrasing, and empathizing. Numerous exercises, handouts, assessments, and tools are included to help users develop training programs for both individual and organizational requirements. This title comes with a companion CDROM containing all support materials.

Time Management Training

Kitchen fire or time waster? The inability to differentiate robs us of precious time and well-being. Time Management Training is a collection of complete workshops and tools you’ll need to conduct effective two-day, one-day, and half-day time management workshop programs that teach how to reclaim time and productivity.  Empower workshop participants to strategically manage procrastination, negotiate priorities, and exercise control over how they spend their time by helping them develop their time management and productivity skills.

Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation is often viewed as a naturally occurring skill, one you’re either born with or without, but the truth is that negotiation can be learned and improved with formal training. This book gives trainers a step-by-step process for negotiation, plus practical exercises and tools to help create a flexible, supportive learning environment. A complete array of planning guides, workshop agendas, structured experiences, and ready-to-use materials is provided, as well as online materials for additional support.

Books that Lisa has contributed to

101 More Ways to Make Training Active

Includes activities for icebreakers, how to engage learners, peer learning, communication, leadership, teamwork, energizers, experiential learning, stimulating discussion, applications, closing summaries and evaluation, and ideas to transfer learning actions. Look for Lisa’s contributions on p. 19 with 10 Tips to Keep Learners Focused and on p. 79 with an activity called Instant Editors.

The Book of Road-Tested Activities

Spans all types of activities for training sessions and meetings, including: icebreakers, role-playing, simulations, and energizers. The book also covers classic games and activities with new hooks and variations to encourage audience engagement and participation. Look for Lisa’s contributions on p. 119 for a team-building activity and p. 280 for an icebreaker exercise.

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